Round Balls of Fun – No Fuss Pom Pom Crafts #craftastherapy

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Who doesn’t love a pom pom? This video has fun and cheerful pom pom crafts which can be used for kid’s rooms, birthday decorations or to brighten up anywhere and anything!

If, like me, you are not good at producing a well rounded, even pom pom, below the main video is a helpful how-to. If you are still stuck, you can buy ready made pom poms at discount stores. Yes, I have been known to do that without shame. 🙂

Have fun!

I am always interested in what you are making, regardless of what type of art or craft it is. Please share with me on Twitter catephoenixproj, and don’t forget to recommend additional resources in the comments. It may take me a few days, but read every comment and message. You matter!

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Happy Birthday big bro, I love you very much. Always thinking of you with love and joy.

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