What Is The Phoenix Project?

When I slammed into writer’s burnout a few years ago, I discovered that doing something with my hands that didn’t involve an internet connection, was the best cure. Being a crafter, I went exploring new creative outlets which slowly healed my burnout. I have tried:

~ paper crafting
~ watercolours
~ art journalling
~ collage
~ crochet
~ tapestry
~ hand decorated but functional planners
~ and sewing.

From that list, the things that have become my favourites are the planners, collage and sewing. My biggest dream is to be able to consistently sew in a straight line, but my biggest lesson is to learn to be myself in what I do. I don’t need the latest and/or better products that the people that have taught me new skills are throwing at me. I have had greater joy in finding my own path and bucking trends.

This Phoenix Projects posts will focus on include stress-reducing art and craft techniques that you may already be enjoying as part of your lifestyle. As a lot of art content is in video format, it will often link to great how-to videos on Youtube.

The planned categories include:

  • Down the Rabbit Hole, (topics or issues I am fascinated with),
  • Craft as Therapy,
  • Mental Health Issues,
  • Tips for Surviving Life Online,
  • “Just Sharing” and
  • …whatever else comes to mind at the time.

If I can encourage you to use some of these tools and they help you to cope better with life’s stresses and challenges, that will be the best possible outcome this blog could ever have.

A video worth sharing, or discussion related post should come out every Friday, (Thursday U.S. time.) There may be an occasional post earlier in the week if I feel inspired.

core values journeyI had a beautiful evening this week, with a friend who teaches art and journalling. I was trying to draw and I totally sucked at that, but I learned a lot and had fun. Since then I have put together my first art journal and am messing around with it doing what I am comfortable with and using new skills and techniques which I am excited about.

Art doesn’t have to be perfect, and learning to accept that is a huge part of my journey, as having been a writer for a long time, the editing monster brain washed me into getting things neat, correct and understandable. It is time to let go and I am going to be interested in how that process goes over the following months.

If you are interested in specific topics which help with stress relief and mental health, please let me know in the comments. I’d like to be able to share what is needed, and not just what appeals to my own needs. Have an awesome week!

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3 thoughts on “What Is The Phoenix Project?

  1. I so agree that crafting something with our hands is a wonderful form of stress relief! I don’t do much visual art because I went to college for it and worked as a graphic artist for many years, so it’s too much like work for me, but I love to sew and I recently discovered woodworking. I hope your husband recovers quickly, and glad to read you took care of yourself when needed and let people help (that’s something I struggle with). Burnout is a serious thing – it’s the reason I am only now starting to write much after my last release over two years ago. I think there’s always room for more info on mental health and stress relief! So thanks and have a great week!


    • Hi Jennette,
      I am sad that you have been through burnout as well. It’s not the easiest thing to recover from, but it’s really great to see you here and involved in ROW80. It’s going to take me awhile to discover the niche I want for this blog, but mental health in the writing community is sure going to be part of it!

      Take really good care of yourself.


  2. Came late to this, but I saw you had Shatter Me as the video, and I just LOVE this song. It’s interesting how soothing to the soul creating something with one’s own hands can be. The creation of journal sounds so nice, and yet, I have tried it and find I cannot get the joy I see in so many of my friends. Different strokes and all that… 🙂

    Please enjoy and thank you for the song, Cate.


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